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Well...this happened...

You're lookin' at a 2022 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow in Playwriting/Screenwriting!!! I found out about a month ago and I'm still pinching myself. I've reread the email so many times. Is this really happening?! To be recognized and validated by NYSCA and NYFA is BEYOND and it came at the perfect time in my life. After I applied back in January, I wrote down "NYFA Grant" on a piece of paper and taped it smack dab in the middle of my dreamboard. Well this is proof that manifesting is real!!

Writing is crazy. You can feel on top of the world writing until the sun comes up. Most of the time you're editing and editing, deleting bad dialogue you thought was amazing, making those last changes to the just before a competition deadline. Other times, you don't write for days, weeks because depression has come into work instead of you. A lot of times, our scripts don't place, don't get read, need more work. As an actor or writer, or anyone in this industry, you learn real quick that Rejection needs to be your friend. We all keep at it because we love it, not because we win. Well, sometimes you get lucky and you get both...

- Kimberly


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