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  • kimberlylcarvalho

When Good Morning America calls...

...You wake up veryyy early and you go! BIG THANK YOU goes to Debbie and Lisa Ganz of Twins Talent who gave us this opportunity! Every single person on set and off was incredibly kind, funny, and generous. No egos. None. It was really a wonderful experience. Thank you GMA for welcoming us as part of your team for the day!

If starting your day off being featured on GMA isn't enough (still pinching), Ash and I decided it was finally time to join our union's strike...after a cup a'kawf, obviously. It was invigorating, having our voices join with other SAG-AFTRA and WGA members. Many a famous actor sighting made for a very exciting experience as well. #SusanSarandon Very grateful to those up top who are fighting for humanity in storytelling and our appropriate compensation.

Once the strike was over, we celebrated with a spicy mezcal cocktail, a delicious lunch, and because we can't ever leave each other lol...we went to the movies! Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1...WOW. There are many days when I think our dreams are impossible, but gosh dang it, did we accomplish a lot in that one day! Slowly but surely, it's happening.


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